Site hosted by Build your free website today! is a marketplace for industrial equipment related to engineering, manufacturing and construction. Make this your first stop if you are sourcing for used or new hardware and machinery.

Singapore Classifieds

This amazing site matches buyers and sellers who can complete the transaction independently terms. Users and listings are verified before the listing is published. is really a website run through the Big Workshop Pte Ltd, situated in Singapore.

Their focus is on industrial machinery which include CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining Centres, Wire EDM (Electro Discharge Machines), Shearing, Turning, Stamping and Milling machines. They also have listings for accessories like tooling chucks, pull studs and tool-holders.

used machinery

Besides, industrial machinery, you can also find commercial grade equipment. For example, you can find kitchen equipment - grills, ovens and warm water dispensers - in used but excellent condition at a lower price than a completely new one.

Industrial Equipment Listing Categories

•Drilling and cutting - Taps and drill bits

•Electronics -Audio and phones, CCTV

•Home and kitchen - Cookers, grills and ovens

•Lubricating - Grease, Oil and Lubricants

•Machinery - CNC, construction, drill press

•Measurements - testers, gauges, calipers

•Pneumatics - air fittings, hoses and compressors

•Power transmissions - generators, alternators, starters

•Sealing - O-crimps, rings and fittings

•Temperature - coolers, chillers and air-cons

•Vibration and damping - Shock absorbers, Acoustic foam

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The Way It Works For Sellers and Buyers

As a seller, you need to register on the website first, a process that just takes a minute. After that on, you could start listing your product or service - select the category, go into the item description and upload your photos or videos.

Each time a buyer is desire for your offer, you will receive email notices straight to your inbox.

For buyers, it is possible to look at items by categories. You should register an account and then contact the seller directly by sending a message through the website if you are interested in an item.


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